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Welcome to The English Space Store. We have books and resources to help students and teachers of English.


Our books are designed for the ESL classroom. They include photocopiable worksheets and lesson ideas for busy teachers. They can also be used by students at home for self-study, with the included answers.

Currently available:

TitlePrice (USD)
Wordsearch 1 for Beginners$5Buy now
Wordsearch 2 for Beginners$5Buy now
Verbsearch$5Buy now
Wordsearch bundle: All 3 books!$10Buy now

Wordsearch Bundle

This bundle includes our three wordsearch books for the special price of $10 (USD). These wordsearch activities make learning vocabulary fun. They include photocopiable worksheets for the classroom, or students can use them at home for self-study.

The bundle includes 3 books:

These are e-books in Portable Document Format (PDF) format.