Advanced Irregular Verbs

These are less common irregular verbs. You will only use them sometimes.

Irregular Verbs
Verb Past Simple Past Participle
Bear Bore Born/Borne
Beat Beat Beaten
Bend Bent Bent
Bet Bet Bet
Bid Bid Bid
Bind Bound Bound
Bite Bit Bitten
Bleed Bled Bled
Blow Blew Blown
Breed Bred Bred
Broadcast Broadcast/Broadcasted Broadcast/Broadcasted
Burn Burnt/Burned Burnt/Burned
Clap Clapped/Clapt Clapped/Clapt
Cling Clung Clung
Creep Crept Crept
Dare Dared/Durst Dared
Deal Dealt Dealt
Dive Dived/Dove Dived
Dream Dreamt/Dreamed Dreamt/Dreamed
Fight Fought Fought
Fit Fit/Fitted Fit/Fitted
Forgive Forgave Forgiven
Grind Ground Ground
Handwrite Handwrote Handwritten
Hang Hung/Hanged Hung/Hanged
Hit Hit Hit
Kneel Knelt/Kneeled Knelt/Kneeled
Knit Knit/Knitted Knit/Knitted
Lay Laid Laid
Lead Led Led
Lean Leant/Leaned Leant/Leaned
Let Let Let
Lie Lied Lied
Light Lit Lit
Mean Meant Meant
Melt Melted Molten/Melted
Mislead Misled Misled
Mistake Mistook Mistaken
Misunderstand Misunderstood Misunderstood
Prove Proved Proven/Proved
Quit Quit Quit
Rise Rose Risen
Saw Sawed Sawn/Sawed
Seek Sought Sought
Set Set Set
Sew Sewed Sewn/Sewed
Shake Shook Shaken
Shave Shaved Shaven/Shaved
Shine Shone Shone
Shoot Shot Shot
Shrink Shrank Shrunk
Slide Slid Slid/Slidden
Sling Slung Slung
Slit Slit Slit
Sneak Sneaked/Snuck Sneaked/Snuck
Spin Span/Spun Spun
Spit Spat/Spit Spat/Spit
Split Split Split
Spoil Spoilt/Spoiled Spoilt/Spoiled
Spread Spread Spread
Spring Sprang Sprung
Steal Stole Stolen
Stick Stuck Stuck
Sting Stung Stung
Strike Struck Struck/Stricken
String Strung Strung
Sweat Sweat/Sweated Sweat/Sweated
Sweep Swept/Sweeped Swept/Sweeped
Swing Swung Swung
Tear Tore Torn
Tell Told Told
Thrive Throve/Thrived Thriven/Thrived
Tread Trod Trodden
Understand Understood Understood
Upset Upset Upset
Wring Wrung Wrung

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