Reading for Pleasure

Improving your English doesn’t always have to be about studying. You can read books for fun while helping your English at the same time.

These books (called graded readers) let you read popular books at your level of English. The books use simplified language, so they are easier to understand. They also come with audio CDs , so you can listen as you read.

There are lots of different books available for each level. The list below can get you started.

Beginners (Level 1)

The Phantom of the Opera

Hotel Casanova

Elementary (Level 2)

Romeo and Juliet

Apollo's Gold

Lower Intermediate (Level 3)

The Everest Story

Eye of the Storm

Intermediate (Level 4)

Nelson Mandela

When Summer Comes

Upper Intermediate (Level 5)

Sense and Sensibility

Emergency Murder

Advanced (Level 6)

Oliver Twist

This Time It's Personal

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