Making an Appointment

You Say

I’d like to make an appointment, please. = Can I make an appointment?

I’d like to make an appointment … please.

  • with the doctor
  • to see Doctor Smith
  • with Mrs Green
  • to have my hair cut

Do you have something…?

  • on Monday
  • this afternoon
  • earlier
  • later

Earlier and later are examples of comparatives. Learn more about using comparatives.

You Hear

What’s your name, please? = Can I have your name, please?

Have you been here before?

When do you want to come in? = When are you available? = When for?

I have…at 3pm tomorrow.

  • one
  • an appointment
  • an opening

You will need to know about time and days to make your appointment:

Using It

Now that you know the phrases, see how they work in conversation: Conversations for making an appointment.


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