Conversations for Making an Appointment

These are examples of phone conversations for making an appointment. You can use these phrases for all types of appointments.

Appointment with a Doctor

Receptionist: Hello, this is Midtown Medical Centre.

Sara: Hello. I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor, please.

Receptionist: Have you been here before?

Sara: No, I haven’t.

Receptionist: Ok. Can I have your name please?

Sara: It’s Sara Jones.

Receptionist: I have an opening at 2:30 this afternoon. Is that ok?

Sara: Yes, that’s fine.

Receptionist: We’ll see you soon.

Sara: Thank you. Goodbye.

Appointment for a Hair Cut

Receptionist: Good morning, Hair Design.

Kate: Can I make an appointment with Michelle, please?

Receptionist: Is it for a hair cut?

Kate: Yes.

Receptionist: When do you want to come in?

Kate: Do you have something on Saturday afternoon?

Receptionist: Yes, is 4pm ok?

Kate: Yes, that’s fine.

Receptionist: What’s you name, please?

Kate: It’s Kate Smith.

Receptionist: Ok Kate, we’ll see you at 4pm on Saturday.

Kate: Thanks. Bye.

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